New sanitary submersible electric pumps of Sidus series for handling sewage and waste water

JSC HMS Livgidromash is preparing to start production of sanitary submersible electric pumps of Sidus series which are designed to pump sewage and waste water with a high content of solid particles and long-fibered inclusions.

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Conventional designation:

Sidus 4 C - 100 / 270 – 7,5 - 145N - G - P    Specs. 28.13.14-025-00217975-2018

Sidus –

is the trade name

4 –

is the number of motor poles (50 Hz)

2 - 3000 rpm

4 - 1500 rpm

6 - 1000 rpm

8 - 750 rpm

C –

Type of electric pumps

А   - with half-open impeller

С   - with channel impeller

VT – with free-vortex impeller

OG – with half-opened rubberized impeller,

rubberized flow passage

100 –

Diameter of delivery branch, mm


Maximum diameter of the impeller, mm

7,5 –

Rated power of the motor, кW

145N –

Model of the impeller

G –

Material version of the impeller

G – grey cast iron

S – corrosion-resistant steel

D – duplex steel

P –

Type of installation

P   - mobile unit (without forced cooling)

F   - mobile  unit (with  forced cooling)

S – stationary installation with lowering device, (without forced cooling)

K - stationary installation  with lowering device, (with forced cooling)

V - stationary installation, non-submersible, vertical

H - stationary installation, non-submersible, horizontal


Electric pump is a monoblock consisting of electric motor and centrifugal pump. The motors are provided with dry-type winding with in-built sensors of temperature protection.

Provision is made in the construction design of the pump for a several types of impellers: half-open impellers, channel impellers (single-blade, multi-blade), free-vortex impellers. Available are different material versions of the pumps: grey cast iron, stainless steel, duplex steel with a chrome content of 25 %.

The motor is made hermetically tight thanks to two end-face seals and separating oil chamber. The said oil chamber is furnished with special system alerting about leaks.  


The submersible sanitary Sidus pumps are intended for pumping sewage and waste water, as well as other non-aggressive liquids with a density of up to 1 250 kg/m3, with a hydrogen value рН within 5...12, with a high content of solid particles having a dimension of up to 160 mm and long-fibered inclusions.

Electric pumps are not intended for operation in explosion-and-fire hazardous premises.


  • The submersible sanitary pumps may be installed directly within the reservoirs filled with liquid being pumped (the case of ”wet” installation or in the machine hall of the pumping station (the case of  ”dry” installation). As for the latter case the pumps may be used in flooding situations as emergency ones to dewater the premises and to continue operation in the flooded premises of the station.

  • Good use is made in the pump of the end-face seals of leading global manufactures.

  • The motor is cooled in submerged position by pumped medium, but in the case of  ”dry” installation – by liquid circulating within the cooling housing: thus ensuring a more effective cooling of the motor in comparison with cooling air fan.

  • The pumps are furnished with devices for fast lifting and lowering down into the reservoirs without using additional instruments.

  • The possible use of different models of the impellers makes it possible to use the said pumps to handle liquids with a high content of solid mechanical admixtures and long-fibered inclusions.

Mode of operation

 Long-term operation – S1 as per GOST 183 or in accordance with the requirements of Operation Manual.


Technical data

Range of capacities:

8 - 2500 m3/h

Range of heads:

7 - 80 m

Temperature of pumped medium:

up to + 80 0С

Dimension of solid particles being pumped:

up to 160 mm

Rotational speed:

750 - 3000 rpm

Level of protection of the electric motor:


Diameter of the delivery branch:

40 – 400 mm

Type of the impellers:

half-open, channel (single-blade, multi-blade), free-vortex ones

Materials of the impellers:

grey cast iron, stainless steel, duplex steel with 25 % of chrome

Seal of the shaft:

double end-face seal.

Materials of the friction pair of the seal:

silicon carbide/silicon carbide