HMS Livgidromash launched into production the latest modification of the Burun Pumps, namely: Series ® N1В

Download the advertising sheet for the new Burun pump® N1В  


  • hydraulic parameters are ensured at rotational speed of 1500 rpm instead of 3000 rpm: thus making possible to pump over fluids having viscosity of up to 1500 МPа·with a high content of mechanical impurities,

  • the working pressure has been increased up to 4 kgf/сm²,

  • enhanced resistance against chemically active liquids as a result of exception of the aluminum from the compound of the flow passage.

Special design features:

Operation of the single-screw pumps is based on rotation of the working screw within the rubber shell. The shape and dimensions of these parts have been matched in such manner that when the working screw is inserted into the shell the hermetically tight cavities are formed. During rotation of the working screw the liquid is spirally moved along the axis of the pump within the said cavities without getting mixed and not having changed the structure. 

The Burun pump® N1V ensures:

  • uniform, non-pulsating flow of liquid,

  • high potential of self-suction,

  • the capacity of the pump is directly proportional to the motor speed: thus simplifying the adjustment of the pump parameters.


Housing and public utilities

  • drainage of the flooded rooms,

  • pumping of water from the tanks, reservoirs, pools,

  • drainage of waste pits, septic tanks and reservoirs for sewage,

  • watering of lawns and gardens.

Industry sector

  • pumping of different detergents, emulsions, water-dispersible paint,

  • pumping-out of wasted (used) lubrication materials,

  • pumping-out of water with admixtures of petroleum products,

  • the dosed supply of additives during production of construction decorative materials and coats,

  • the dosed supply of additives in construction work just for concrete and building mortars.