Assemble supplies of the manual barrel pumps of RSH type in a complex with counters (flow meters)

At the Customerꞌs request and in order to enhance application characteristics of the produced pump equipment the JSC HMS Livgidromash carries out supplies of the manual barrel guided-vane pumps RSH 25-5 in a complex with electronic flow metering device К24 of high precision (option is available for additional pay). 

The said electronic flow meter is provided with energy-independent memory to store information data about the amount of liquid consumed and the last operation cycle. There is a possibility to calibrate the device.

The manual guided-vane pump RSH 25-5 is intended to pump neutral self-lubricating liquids out of standard barrels and other small reservoirs. Kinematic viscosity of liquids ranges from 0,02·10-4 up to 0,75·10-4 m2/s (from 1,1 up to 10° E), at a temperature of up to 70°С.



  • for pumping low-viscous liquids and emulsions (including diesel fluid, antifreeze compound, oil and mediums similar to it) from the tanks and barrels at the using activities of the industrial enterprises and private (farming) households;

  • for apportioning of products at the retail trade enterprises and storage facilities.