9-10-th of October at JSC “HMS Livgidromash” was held a technical workshop for managers and technical specialists of the largest water utilities and housing services and utilities companies of central Russia

The purpose of the event was a real acquaintance with the plant and sharing of its capabilities for the production of high-tech energy-efficient pumping equipment, sharing the informing about innovations in JSC “HMS Livgidromash”production plan.

Pumping equipment manufactured by our company is operated by every  housing services and utilities company of Russia, so the products of the Plant were well known to all guests. 

The participants of the delegation, consisting mainly of managers and technical specialists, had the opportunity to communicate directly with the developers and designers of JSC “HMS Livgidromash”.

During the workshop the guests received information about the history of the plant development, current activities, plans for the future. Then there were made technical presentations devoted to serially manufactured and innovative products of both our company and the premises of JSC “Livnypump” and JSC “Zavod Promburvod”, which are part of JSC “HMS Group” machine-building holding. 

Much attention was devoted to the following topics:

  • submersible sewer pumps of type “Sidus”: characteristics, design features, mounting methods, rules of selection;
  • double-entry pumps,  type “Delium”.
  • cantilever pumps of the Kordis range: technical characteristics, design features, rules of selection.
  • general rules for energy efficient and reliable operation of pumps.  
  • recommendations on the selection of pumps and control stations for them.
  • distinctive features and advantages of JSC “Livnypump” well pumps. The new generation of well pumps: FRS type.
  • booster systems of JSC “Livnypump”.
  • new developments of well electro pump units such as ECV and SPA types, manufactured with  stainless materials by JSC “Zavod Promburvod”, Minsk.

Particular emphasis was placed on warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the pumping equipment, as well as on a comprehensive approach to solving almost any task.

As part of the guided tour of the company, the guests were presented with modern developments in the field of casting and machining, used at JSC “HMS Livgidromash”. The delegation visited the manufacturing premises of foundry and mechanical assembly shops and got acquainted with abilities of the test complex, which allow to supply the Customer with high quality products. The guests were convinced that the high-tech production of JSC “HMS Livgidromash” meets the highest standards of modern engineering.

Most members of the delegation visited the plant for the first time. The guests saw how the pumping equipment is manufactured in real factory conditions and made sure that all the technologies used at the plant meets the applicable standards, and that our technical means allows the development and manufacturing of modern energy - efficient products.