New generation of centrifugal double-entry pumps Delium has been successfully mastered

Authors :
Sukhinin А.А. – chief of design department of impeller pumps
Publication :
  • The magazine "Pumps and Equipment", № 4 (87) - № 5 (88), October, 2014

The centrifugal horizontal pumps of D type have been produced at the JSC «HMS Livgidromash» since 1953. This pump has found market acceptance owing to its design features: namely, unloading of the rotors against axial forces, significantly improved cavitation characteristics, «in-line» arrangement of the pipe branches, capability to perform repairs without dismantling the pump in consequence of horizontal joint available.

In the course of production cycle a number of modernizations have been performed concerning unification of the details and subassemblies, reduction of materials consumption, improvement of energy characteristics, and further expansion of the range of application because of changes in design and material version. But the market does not stand still, and the enterprise started production of new generation of double-entry pumps in 2010. The main goal of this development work was designing of new pumps series having useful quality and consumer properties which might be competitive with world-leading analogs.

The new series of the pumps brought in development were designed under Delium trade mark («D» pump, Livny) and comprised 23 models. The hydraulics of the pumps was worked out and optimized by using modern methods of computer modeling. The present day good use can be made for each embodiment of the pump casing out of two replaceable impellers: it gives the possibility to select the pump within the following range of capacities from 80 up to 3500 m3/h and the head ranging from от 5 up to 180 m. The scope of characteristics allows to operate the pumps in parallel layout and to regulate parameters by changing the rotational speed.

The designed pumps are intended to pump water and liquids similar to water, petroleum products having a viscosity of up to 300×10-6 m2/s (300 сSt), chemically active liquids with hydrogen value pH=1…11.


  • civil and industrial water supply;
  • metallurgy, oil-and-gas industry, mining;
  • dewatering, agriculture;
  • sea terminals and desalination plants;
  • thermal power station;
  • fire fighting systems.

The design features and technological advantages of new pump series are the following ones:

1.    The dimensions of the flanges are in accordance with standardsAISI/DIN/ISO. The suction and delivery branches are «in-line» position.

2.   Provision is made for gland seal, single or double end-face seal. The chambers of the seals are executed in conformity with Standard API 682 in order to make it possible to use the end-face seals fabricated by different Manufacturers.

3.    Excellent suction capability, low net positive suction head (NPSH).

4.    A great number of embodiments depending on material type of the main parts.

5.   The shaft fully isolated from the handled liquid.

6.    Version with reinforced bearing assemblies in order to increase the reliability under heavy production conditions.

7.    Bearing assemblies with different variants of lubricant – consistent grease and in oil-bath lubrication. The bearings having oil-bath lubrication are supported with cooling option of the pump.

8.    Provision is made in the bearing housings for holes meant to accommodate sensors of temperature and vibration.

9.    The use of spiral pipe bends of the casing together with two-coil helix and the reduced distance between bearings allow to significantly diminish the loads onto the shaft and bearings and to lower the vibration level: thus ensuring service life of the bearings of 100 000 h, minimum.

10. There is no gasket between the casing and cover. Good use is made of the liquid-type sealant.

11. For the using activities which are limited by space and are liable to flooding it is possible to apply vertical version of the pumps.

In order to organize production of DeLium pumps the detailed investment program was prepared at the enterprise in 2010. It comprises activities on modernization of the pattern equipment production site and foundry engineering sector; furthermore the advanced metal-working machinery has been bought, the test site for performing trials of the pumps as per the 1st class of accuracy as specified by ISO 9906 has been set up.

In light of the fact that the government of the country puts forward a policy of import substitution, mastering of new series of DeLium pumps at the JSC «HMS Livgidromash» proved to be a well-timed decision. Technical level and economical efficiency of the said machines comply with performance characteristics of the pumps of world-leading manufactures, but their cost leadership and competitive advantages of serviceability are of great importance over a whole period of product life.

Today the series of advanced DeLium pumps enjoy use at the domestic market and in foreign countries.