Livgidromash: Pumps for Nuclear Power Plants

In connection with stimulation of nuclear power industry initiated by the government of Russian Federation the OJSC Livgidromash made strategic decision on launching the production of pumping equipment for nuclear power plants.
Authors :
V.A. YAKHONTOV - Head of design department of positive-displacement pumps №4

Throughout more than 60 years the Open Joint Stock Company Livgidromash is the largest Manufacturer of pumps and related systems in Russia and the CIS countries. The enterprise fulfills deliveries of pumps for different industries (energy sector and water industry, river & sea transport, extraction & transportation of oil, metallurgy and agriculture and so on).

Technical manufacture of pumps for Nuclear Power Plants – is a very great advance for our enterprise. Rich experience of close collaboration with domestic and foreign Consumers and also the certified Quality Management System implemented at the enterprise enable Livgidromash to gain worthy position in the market of pumps.

In connection with stimulation of nuclear power industry initiated by the government of Russian Federation the OJSC Livgidromash made strategic decision on launching the production of pumping equipment for nuclear power plants. In the past the enterprise fulfilled deliveries of pumps to nuclear power plants – as per 4th safety class as provided by OPB 88/97. There were completed deliveries of electric pump units for Tyanvanskaya NPP (China), NPP- Busher (Iran), NPP -Kudankulam (India), NPP- Belene (Bulgaria), Balakovskaya NPP, Leningradskaya NPP, Kolskaya NPP, Kurskaya NPP and so on.

Considering that nuclear energy industrial sector is specificity industry in regard to assurance of total quality of the equipment supplied to Nuclear Power Plants, so the operating safety of any equipment including pumps and related systems is regarded as the basic one. In order to be granted a license to manufacture and designing of the pumping equipment for NPP (LICENCE № CО-12-101-4107 dated 11.04.08 and № CО-11-101-4245 dated 25.06.08) the enterprise made a number of administrative and organizational arrangements.

The first step was taken through industrial production of pumps developed by OOO Gidromash-Industria for Kurskaya NPP- three-screw pumps AS-3V 8/25-11/10А (pumps are intended for lubrication of GCN (reactor coolant pumps) as per 3rd class of safety according to NP-001-97 and 2nd category of seismic stability according to NP-031-01; and for the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute named after B.P.Konstantinov – peripheral pumps AS–VKS 2/26 (pumps are intended for pumping service water within the research reactor system) as per 3rd class of safety and 2nd category of seismic stability. The first lot of such pumps was shipped to the Customers in May – June, 2009.

Final approval of pumping products was given by the representatives of JSC VPO ZARUBEZHATOMENERGOSTROY. No observations on commissioning of electric pump units were made.

According to the licence for design of pumping equipment intended for Nuclear Power Plants the specialists of Livgidromash started their own engineering developments. The design & process documentation for the gear pumps AS-NMSH 5/25-4/4A, AS-NMSH 8/25-6,3/2,5A was successfully executed (pumps are designed for the diesel generator fuel system) for Leningradskaya NPP as per 2nd class of safety, 1st category of seismic stability; for the gear pumps AS-SH 40-4-19,5/4A and AS-NMSH 8/25-6,3/2,5A (the said pumps are intended for the diesel generator oil system) for Kalininskaya NPP as per 3nd class of safety, 2nd category of seismic stability; for the peripheral pumps AS-VKS 1/16, AS-VKS 2/26 (pumps are intended for collection & delivery of special wastes) for Smolenskaya NPP as per 3rd class of safety, 2nd category of seismicity. At the present time these pumps are under production.

All work papers used for these development projects were submitted to approval by CNIITMASH metal research association. In working-out the design & process documentation all industrial requirements for quality assurance were covered. At the enterprise the detailed programs for total quality assurance aimed at complete execution control of the requirements OPB 88/97 “General provisions on Nuclear Power Plants protection” were defined. Necessary calculations of seismic stability and mechanical strength of body parts were made. Calculations are conducted in the program “Zenith – 95”, which was licensed by Rostexnadzor (Russian Engineering Supervison). In designing use is made of technical decisions ensuring reliable operation of the pumps throughout all period of validity of the nuclear power plant. At present the analogues of the above-stated pumps are successfully operated including using activities of Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. Pumps are manufactured in accordance with engineered technological processes and quality plans approved by Rostexnadzor authorities.

The accessories are also supplied complete with quality plans, quality assurance programs and proper certificates. In order to perform receiving inspections of the materials the laboratory of nondestructive check was set up at the enterprise. Necessary test-bench equipment for carrying out hydrostatic tests, approval & acceptance tests is also provided at the enterprise.

At present model launching of the CNA pumps is essentially new goal for Livgidromash. In conformity with the design documentation developed by the OOO Gidromash-Industria for the Kalininskaya NPP the fabrication of CNA pumps 6,3/25 and CNA 25/25 designed for cooling systems of Diesel Generators is organized.

The units are fabricated as per 2nd class of safety, 1st category of seismic stability. All the work is done in accordance with approved schedules, the main production stages of which are agreed with Rostexnadzor authorities.

In addition to current orders there are Customers' requests for designing and fabrication of pumps for Beloyarskaya NPP, Novovoronezhskaya NPP (the fifth building block), Novovoronezhskaya NPP-2, Rostovskaya NPP, Smolenskaya NPP.

The range of pump products fabricated at the Livgidromash and presented at the website may be offered within 2-3 class of safety for Nuclear Power Plants use.