Renaming of HMS Pumps in HMS Livgidromash

On the 7 th  of July, 2014, the JSC “HMS Pumps” was renamed JSC “HMS Livgidromash”.

In accordance with the decision of the annual general stockholders meeting held on 07.06.2014 (Protocol dated 07.06.2014 № 2014/Г), the charter of Joint-Stock Company was confirmed in a new text version involving the present rename of the company into joint-stock company of open type  «HMS Livgidromash» (JSC «HMS Livgidromash»).

Official registration of the alterations in the founding documents of the company was carried out by Interregional Inspection  of the Federal Tax Service № 9 per Orel region just on 07.07.2014, the State Registration Number 2145749131636.

The full legal name – joint-stock company of open type «HMS Livgidromash».

Abbreviated  company name – JSC «HMS Livgidromash».

The said change in the name of the company shall entail no adjustments in rights and obligations for mutual relations with the Partners.