The innovation device enhancing operability of the ECPK pumps has been developed

JSC HMS Livgidromash has been developed a device which makes possible to enhance reliability of submersible centrifugal pumping unit having a significant difference in the diameters of the pump and electric motor. This innovation-based advantage has been gained thanks to decrease in formation of cyclic loads and proper protection of the elements of submersible equipment against intensive corrosion.

Besides, the device has been worked out in such a way that in case of essential defects of the casing string (shift, squeezing, etc.), it will not allow to trip the unit inside the casing string: thus excluding any bend and breakdown of the unit and, therefore, preventing possible accident. The device includes a certain centering element which owing to fixed attitude control over the unit axis position in relation to the axis of the said device makes it possible to avoid possible axis break in the point of conjugation of the pump and submersible electric motor even in the case of deviation of the well axis from a vertical position (the case of high angular intensity).

This device is granted with the RF patent right for an invention №2643911


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