Launch of Series Production of the explosion-proof electric pumps Gnom 10-10Ех and Gnom 25-20Ех

JSC HMS Livgidromash started series production of electric pumps Gnom 10-10Ех and Gnom 25-20Ех: thus expanding range of product standard-sizes

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Conventional designation

Electric pump Gnom   10- 10  Ех, 

  • Gnom – is the trade name

  • 10 – is the rated capacity, m³/h

  • 10 – is the rated head, m

  • Ex – explosion-proof embodiment


Electric pump is a portable monoblock consisting of the submersible asynchronous motor and centrifugal single-stage pump. Electric motors are provided with dry winding together with the in-built sensors of temperature protection.

The construction design of electric pumps involves impellers of open type. Impellers of Gnom pump 10-10Ех are of vortex type.

The sealing of the impeller of the Gnom 25-20Ех is ensured around the butt-end by adjustable diaphragm.
The motor is made hermetically tight by means of the end-face seal, cuff and separating oil chamber.


Electric pumps Gnom Ех are designed for pumping contaminated ground and production sewage water at a temperature of up to 40 °С with    рН = 5 – 10, at a density of up to 1100 kg/m3, with a content of mechanical admixtures up to 10 % by weight, at an abrasive resistance of solid particles not exceeding 2500 kg/m3, as well as with admixtures of crude oil up to 10 % by weight, the composition of which can include up to 3 % of sulphur in non-free condition and paraffin up to 7 %.

Electric pump corresponds to the explosion-proof electrical equipment of II Group, subgroup IIC   (application for explosives gas mediums at the production premises and outdoor facilities, except for mines being dangerous due to presence of fire damp (methane), the level of explosion protection  Gb- ”high”, temperature class – Т4 (135 °С) as per GOST 31610.0, kind of explosion protection «d» - a blast-resistant enclosure in accordance with GOST IEC 60079-1.

It is admitted to operate the pump in explosion hazard zone of 1 class (the zone in which there is a probability of presence of explosive gas mixture at normal operating conditions).
The class of hazard of the harmful substance -is the 3rd class (substances moderately hazardous) as per GOST 12.1.007-76.
Category of explosion hazard of the mixture -  IIC, group of explosive mixture –  Т4 (135-200 ºС) as per GOST 30852.5.
Climatic version and location category  У* as per GOST 15150.



  • Provision is made for the motor case with a thick-walled steel cover: thus allowing to avoid any deformation and depressurization at rough handling.

  • The end-face seals produced by the leading global manufactures are applied in the construction design of the pumps, thus increasing reliability of the item as a whole.

  • Incorporated in the motor are sensors of temperature protection, preventing overheat of the motor.

  • Operation of the electric pump is admitted within the range of the whole head characteristic curve.

  • The pumps are furnished with unattended rolling bearings.

Mode of operation

  • At a temperature of pumped medium of 40 °С and in a fully submersed condition, the long-term operation S1. 

  • Maximum turn-on frequency:  30  l/h.

Technical data

Standard size of the electric pump

Parameters of power supply

Type of the cable of  power supply mains,

length (m)

Rated power of the motor, 

Nominal current, А

Maximum size of solid particles, mm


with power supply cord, maximum

Gnom10-10 Ех

3 ~380V, 50 Hz

H07RN-F 4G1,5;
10 m



up to 35


Gnom 25-20 Ех



up to 5