New gear pumps of NMSHG120-10 type (the analog of the asphalt pump DS-125) were launched into production

The overall and mounting dimensions and technical characteristics of the new pump conform to asphalt pump DS-125.

New gear pump NMSHG 120-10 is designed to handle viscous and easily solidified liquids (paraffin, petroleum, fuel oil, bitumen, oil tar, emulsified bitumen, oils, oil products and so on), having a lubricating power and with kinematic viscosity of 0,75×10-4 up to 35,00×10-4 m2/s (10…470°E), at a temperature of up to 200°С (473 К).

The NMSHG 120-10 pump may be used in stationary installations, bitumen concrete plants, loading stations, mobile oil-delivery trucks and bitumen carriers in chemical processing, oil-producing and oil-refining industries where the electric pump DS-125 was previously used.

Advantages of the pump NMSHG 120-10:

  • simplicity of design maintains high reliability of the machine
  • maintenance-friendly and serviceable;
  • reversible sense of rotation (entry from either direction)
  • compact sizes allows usage within limited space

Technical characteristics of the pump NMSHG 120-10 :



Capacity of the pump when coupled with a motor, m3/h (l/s), minimum

30,0 (8,33)

Outlet pressure of the pump when coupled with a motor, МPа (kgf/сm2), maximum

0,6 (6)

Frequency of rotation, s-1 (rpm)

6,92 (415)

Admissible vacuum gage suction lift, m


Efficiency of the pump when coupled with a motor, %, minimum


Power of the pump when coupled with a motor, кW, maximum


Outward leakage, m3/h (l/h), maximum

6×10-4 (0,6)

Pressure of heat-transfer agent, МPа (kgf/сm2), maximum

0,8 (8)

Temperature of heat-transfer agent, °С, maximum


Voltage, V


Frequency of current, Hz


Kind of current


1 Parameters are given for the oil having a viscosity of 1,5∙10-4 m2/s (10°E).
2 The power is given as a maximum one for capacity deviation of up to +10% from the nominal value.

For more detailed information about the pump NMSHG120-10 please refer to Leaflet *. PDF