Centrifugal multistage sectional pumps 1CNSg

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Centrifugal multistage sectional pumps 1CNSg series and electric pump units on their base are intended for handling water having a following hydrogen value of рН 7...8,5 and a temperature of 378 К (105°С) maximum, with mechanical admixtures not exceeding 0,1% by mass and with solid particles not exceeding 0,1mm in size, at a microhardness not over 1,47 GPа (14700kgf/сm2).

1CNSg pumps and pumping units on their base are used in the heat-and-power engineering for supplying feed water to the steam boilers of the boiler rooms at the Thermal Power Stations of low-power, as well as in the systems of district heating and in the systems of hot water recirculation.

1CNSg pumps are identified as items of general purpose, aspect 2 (restorable ones) as per GOST27.003-90 and are fabricated in climatic version «UHL» and «T», location category 4 and 2 as per GOST15150-69.

General safety requirements of the pumps and units correspond to GOST Р 52743-2007.

The pumps (units) are not intended for usage in explosion-and-fire hazardous premises.


The pump unit consists of a pump and a drive motor, mounted on a common baseplate and connected with elastic coupling with rubber-bushed studs.

1CNSg pump – centrifugal multi-stage sectional, horizontal with a one-sided arrangement of relieved impellers. The screw conveyer (version 1CNSg …-1) affords to improve cavitation qualities of the pump.

The pump consists of the suction and delivery bodies with sections which are fit between them. There is a spacer in the suction body (or a body of the screw conveyer just for versions with a screw conveyer).

The sections-diaphragms with guiding apparatus inserted into them –are connected to the suction and delivery bodies with the help of tie-type studs. The joints of the sections are sealed by rubber rings.

The delivery branch pipe is arranged vertically upward. The suction branch pipe is arranged horizontally and directed to the right off the vertical axis of the pump, if viewed from the drive.

The mounting dimensions of the flanges of the suction and delivery branch pipes are executed as per GOST 12815-80, version 1.

Stuffing-box seal of the shaft.

Protection degree of the electric motors IP23 as per GOST17494-87. It is admitted under agreement with the Customer to complete the units with electric motors having another level of protection.

On Customer's request for extension application area 1CNSg pumps can be manufactured with casing parts from carbon steel, with double stuffing-box seal, single or double end-face seal, with explosion-proof electric motors.


  • industrial water- and heat supply
  • municipal water- and heat supply
  • thermal power : boiler feed pumps
  • CHP: condensate removal pumps 

Features /Advantages

  • axial load compensation holes in impellers
  • optional inducer provide operation with higher NPSHa requirements
  • stuffing box made of modern thermal expanded graphite material considerably reduces time for maintenance

Technical parameters

Pump type key

Example: 1CNSg 40-44-1 UHL 4 , where :

  • 1 - first pump modification
  • CNSg - centrifugal sectional pump for hot water applications
  • 40 - capacity,m3/h
  • 44 - head, m
  • 1 - modification provided with a screw conveyer (with improved cavitation characteristics)
  • UHL - climatic version
  • 4 - location category