AN 1V 1,6/5-1,2/5Б-3 - Single-screw electric pumps 1V, AN1V

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1V, AN1V (for ships)
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  • Shipbuilding
  • Clear water
  • Sea water
  • Waste water
  • Waste fecal water
  • water + petroleum products


1V electric pump units is designed to pump sea-water and polluted fresh water and containing mechanical and petroleum (oil) admixtures. Temperature of pumped water from minus 2(275 К) up to +50°С (323 К), maximum concentration of mechanical admixtures is up to 5% by mass and up to 2 mm in size and content of petroleum products up to 40%.

Pumps 1V, АN1V is fabricated in climatic version ОМ, in-service location category 3 as per ГОСТ 15150-69 and is intended for installing on the ships with unlimited region of navigation, in the premises at an ambient temperature of air ranging from minus 30 up to +48°C (from 243 up to 321К).

At the Customer's request the electric pump may be fabricated in climatic version ОМ, location category 5.


Electric pump units (АN 1V 1,6/5-0,6/5Б-3, АN 1V 1,6/5-1,2/5Б-3, АN 1V 6/5-2/5К-3, АN 1V 6/5-5/5К-3 ) consists of a single-screw self-priming pump and electric motor mounted on common frame.

1V electric pumps and electric pump АN 1V1,6/5-2/2К-3 are monoblock and consist of single-screw self-priming pump and electric motor mounted on flange.

Electric pumps have 2 options: stationary and portable. Stationary electric pumps are installed on a frame with two-cascade amortization, portable - on rubber support (shock-absorbers). As to the principle of operation the single-screw electric pump is a positive displacement machine. Single-screw pump consists of the screw, shell, case, lamp and safety valve located in the case.

Operating parts of the single-screw pump - shell and screw - have helical surface which are in continuous contact and form closed chambers (cavity). The screw of the pump is a single-threaded one, its any cross-section is a circle, the centre of which is shift relatively to the axis by magnitude of eccentricity.

During rotation of the screw in the shell with profiled inner helical surface, the shell makes a planetary motion that is necessary for the working process. In the course of rotation the screw displaces the liquid from the inlet port to the outlet port of the pump; in the action the liquid is displaced for one lead of the screw per one revolution of the screw.

The shell is a hollow cylinder provided with double-threaded internal helical surface, the stroke of which is equal to the double lead of the screw. The cross-section of the double-threaded helical surface of the shell is an oval consisting of two semicircles and straight section between them. The radius of the semicircle which forms the said oval is equal to the radius of the screw.

The tail of the screw is connected to the shaft of the electric motor and fastened with the help of screw and retaining ring, and it is sealed by cuff with cone.


  • ship-building industry (on sea and river ships) for pumping of bilge waters with impurity of oil products

Technical parameters

Options Values
Series 1V, AN1V (for ships)
Flow, m³/h, least 1.2
Rotation speed, rpm 1450
Rotation speed, c˜¹ 24
Pump outlet pressure, kgf/sm², max 5
Pump efficiency,% 30
Voltage, V 220/380
Frequency, Hz 50
Type of current AC
Allowable vacuum suction, m 6

Pump type key

Example АN 1V 1,6/5-1,2/5B-3-ОМ3, where:

  • А - designation of the unit
  • N1V 1,6/5 - designation of the pump as per GOST 18863-89
  • 1,2 - capacity of the unit, minimum, m³/h
  • 5 - pressure of the pump, кgf/cm²
  • B - conventional designation of flow part material of the pump
  • B - бронза О3C7S5Н1
  • 3 - modification of the unit according to motor version
  • ОМ - climatic version
  • 3 - location category

Instruction manual :

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