RK-2 - Semi-rotary pumps RK

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РК-2 pump is intended for pumping fresh and sea water, petroleum products and other liquids with similar physical properties at a temperature of up to 50°С and kinematic viscosity of up to 0,2 ·10-4 m²/s (up to 3 0E).

The pump is put in operation by applying human muscles' force; the said pump may be used in industry, agriculture and for the domestic purposes as well.


The pump consists of the casing and cover, in which supports the shaft is accommodated. The impeller with two flexibly attached valves is secured on the shaft by two pins.

In the bottom portion of the casing there is a valve seat rigidly fitted by screw with the nut. Arranged by pins on the valve seat are movable admission valves.

The joint between the valve seat and the casing with cover is packed by sealant.

To drive the impeller one should use the lever rigidly fitted and secured on the shaft.

The shaft is sealed by stuffing box which is compressed by the bushing.

There suction and discharge nozzle on the casing.

The hermetic sealing of the casing with cover is effected by rubber ring. The leather cup is used to seal the impeller with valve seat. And also, the leather cup is fixed to the valves with the aid of screws.

In pump operation the impeller through the instrumentality of the hand lever is reciprocating around the shaft.


  • pumping of small volumes of liquid (water, oil products) in domestic conditions
  • pumping of mineral oils and other oil products at the enterprises of retail trade
  • drainage of bilge waters at low-tonnage vessels
  • water supply from not too deep holes and wells
  • water supply in system of drinking water supply of livestock farms

Features /Advantages

  • compact size , simple design, easy installation and mobility
  • no need of electrical power supply allows to use the pump not only in a personal farming, but also in different industries.

Technical parameters

Options Values
Series RK
Flow, liters, min 0.4
Head, m 20
Pump outlet pressure, kgf/sm², max 3
Weight, kg 7.2
Lever length, mm, max 360
Allowable vacuum suction, m 7

Pump type key

For example   RK-2 TU 3632-015-05747979-2005, where :

  • RK – manual semi-rotary pump
  • 2 – pump standard size

Instruction manual :

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Certificates, permits :

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Order forms :

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