HMS Control L3 - 80-P - Control and safety panel HMS Control L3

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HMS Control L3
  • Pumping EQUIPMENT
  • Metallurgy, mining
  • Food industry
  • Firefighting
  • Water intake
  • Water supply
  • Drainage
  • Waste water
  • Circulation
  • Boiler water
  • Water injection
  • Water supply
  • Water supply
  • Circulation
  • Boiler water
  • Condensate removal


Control and safety stations (SUIZ) HMS Control L3 is intended for control and protection of deep-well electric pump units of ECV type, submersible pumps of Gnome type, their analogs both domestic, and import production, and also any three-phase asynchronous electric motors with a short-circuited rotor on commands of the operator or sensors signals and corresponds to requirements of TU 3432-112-00217975-2011.

The station provides functioning of the pumping unit in the following modes:

  • hand-held (local)
  • automatic
  • distant

SUIZ corresponds to the climatic version U2 или UHL4 as per GOST 15150-69. (U2 - maintenance in not heated rooms or under a shelter at ambient air temperature from minus 40 up to plus 40°С and at relative humidity 100 % at 25 C, UHL4 - maintenance in the closed heated rooms at ambient air temperature from plus 1 up to plus 40°С and at relative humidity of 80 % at 25°С)

SUIZ protection degree from water and dust IP21 or IP 54 as per GOST 14254-96.

As protection against defeat by an electric current SUIZ corresponds to 1 class as per GOST12.2.007.0 -75.


Control and safety station consists of a board with the removable mounting panel in which circuit breaker, contactor starter, smooth start-up (UPP), electromagnetic relay, two terminal units (force and signal) and current sensors (current transformers) are installed. For versions 100... 300 shunting resistors for current sensors are installed additionally. There is a control and protection microcontroller "L3" on a door of a board (further MK).

Depending on execution, station can include the switch disconnector on supply input, module of temperature monitoring of windings of the motor and the module of protection against impulse overvoltage (lightning protection).

On MK front panel there are control buttons "START-UP", "STOP", «PROGR". « CHOICE», four-digit led indicator and light emitting diodes of sensors status, operation modes and emergencies.

On the back panel of MK case detachable terminal clamps for connection of external force electrical circuits and sensors are installed.

The principle of operation of SUIZ is based on the signal processing from external sources on MK, and operation of the smooth start-up which is switching on / disconnecting the electromotor.

Manual mode of operation is possible, at which start of the motor is carried out by clicking of the buttons "START-UP", "STOP", or one of automatic modes, at which start of the electric motor is carried out by signal from the sensor level or pressure.

The complete description of operation modes, setup and emergencies conditions is in Programming manual.

The description of smooth start-up operation is provided in the user manual UPP.


  • driving, control and protection by submersible pumps maintained in structures engaged in water-supply - water canals, housing and communal services
  • control, driving of submersible pumps operating in water supply systems of the industrial enterprises
  • in agriculture for control and protection of submersible pumps involved in systems of watering of the farmland
  • on heat supply facilities for ensuring driving, control and protection by submersible pumps involved in system of service water supply

Features /Advantages

  • possibility to use any versions of EKM and level sensors
  • possibility to use signals "Failure" and "Work" on a remote control unit or ASU TP
  • cascade operation of several stations on one accumulative capacity or mains
  • versions of stations with device of smooth start-up which allow to lower starting currents and not to allow sagging of voltage in the mains
  • an additional input «External control» allows to operate station remotely
  • an additional input «External mistake» allows to make an emergency stop of station according to command from external device or the sensor
  • station executions with motor temperature monitoring (pumping unit) with connection of different thermal sensors
  • light-emitting diode alarm system of operating modes, motor condition and level sensors
  • calculation of current and voltage operating (True RMS) in each phase and their display on light-emitting diode indicator
  • record of operating time and number of starts of the electric motor of the pump
  • additional operating modes (start-up delay timers, stop, emergency shutdown and so forth)
  • safe power and switching equipment of leading European producers.
  • wide model range
  • certified for use in Russia

Technical parameters

Options Values
Series HMS Control L3
Weight, kg 26

Pump type key

Example HMS Control L3-120-P-М.Р.Т-IP54-UHL4 , where :

  • HMS Control L3 - name of the station
  • 120 - maximum rated current of the pump, А
  • P - method of pump start-up: P - smooth start-up, without index -direct start (example - HMS Control L3-80-IP54-U2)
  • М.Р.Т - Additional functions ,if any: H - protection of station against the increased mains voltage ,М - protection against impulse overvoltage, P - the switch disconnector on input, C - remote control Modbus RTU
  • T - connection of the temperature sensor of motor windings
  • IP54 - Case protection degree: IP21; IP54
  • UHL4 - Climatic version and location category: UHL4 - for operation in closed heated room, U2 - for installation under shelter

Instruction manual :

All technical documentation in the Russian version of the site »

Certificates, permits :

All certificates, permits in the Russian version of the site »

Order forms :

  • "Order forms for HMS L3 panels"
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